A glorious weekend – A review

The weekend started off with a fantastic Taco Potluck here at work.  To keep with the theme, I had made Chocolate Tres Leches cake from this recipe.  I can not even describe how delicious this cake was!

Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake

The cake was so moist and light, but yet very rich and delicate in flavor.  I must warn you this recipe takes time.  I was able to vacuum my house, bring loads of wood in for the fireplace, and read a few chapters in my book.   Was this worth the wait?  Absolutely!!  Another warning is that the recipe portion for the frosting makes a TON!!  I had about half of it left over and as you can see this cake is frosted quite well!!  There was so much frosting on the top of this cake that when I put my cover on top the frosting was squashed down.  I save the leftover frosting and dipped graham crackers in it…another delightful treat!

Well Friday rolled around and after I brought Rolo to the vet for his check up Joey and I were on the gross and nasty roads we finally made it to Forest Lake to pick up Jen, only 15 minutes late.

My adventure to the Melting Pot!

We headed to Minneapolis for our dinner date with Sam at The Melting Pot.  This was a very intimate dinning affair.  With four of us there was a lovely table set up with 2 pots.  Jen and I shared a bottle of Moscato d ‘Asti while Sam had a mixed drink and of course my hubby had a bottle of Bud as a good redneck should.  We decided that opting for the four course menu options would be “cheaper” than ordering each an individual entree with a salad, desert and appetizer.

Our appetizer arrived…We had a fiesta cheddar cheese and salsa and a brie and bacon option.  Also arrived were two bowls full of dipping assortments such as bread, crackers, chips, veggies and apples?  Apples, that’s right, a very odd taste, but not too bad.

After the appetizer came a delightfully small salad.  Joey ordered the house salad, typical.  The rest of us had a Caesar salad which also included a sugared nut of some sort.

Finally, our main entree.  Joey, Sam and I ordered the steak lovers as all the rest of the options had seafood.  Jen ordered a surf and turf of sorts.  Our pots had been replaced with two boiling water with herbs…let me tell you the cost of these herbs was not worth it.  Once the pots were boiling out came our raw meat..that’s right RAW!!  You were to skewer your meat, place it in the boiling water for about 2 minutes and then eat.  We got about 6 oz of meat…yea right like that is going to fill me up…but the amount of time it took us to eat well that alone filled me up I guess.  Also came a small bowl filled with a cubed potato, handfull of fresh mushrooms and handfull of broccoli.  Maybe its just in my mind, but it was weird that we then had to cook those raw veggies in the same water we were boiling out meat…I don’t know??!

The best part would have to be dessert…this picture sums up the deliciousness!



Overall, for the 4 of us to eat our bill was $226!!!  Can you believe that?!!  I just about puked up all the food I had just ate!  We decided that we would go here just for the dessert!!

Off to the Mall of America

Now, I have gone to the Mall of America about a million times as I have grown up in the Twin Cities…but living in North Dakota makes that adventure a little difficult to accomplish.  I am telling ya that it will always be Camp Snoopy to me, none of this Nickelodeon Land either!  We spent a total of about 4 hours roaming around and it was fun because we got to check out a bunch of new stores that aren’t located in North Dakota.  It was so much fun hanging out with my girlfriends and tag-a-long husband, but he didn’t complain!



While Joey was supposed to be wine tasting with us on third floor he disappeared when he found a few bottles of Moonshine.  He is obsessed with the show Moonshiners.  It tastes AWFUL!!  I am hoping that the other flavor he choose is a little bit sweeter!

We also found this cute little store called Farm Boy Farm Girl and picked out a few things.

We ended our girls weekend with a great picture of the three of us!  I love when we can all get together…to bad Jen is in Germany, I am in No. Dak and Sam is in the cities.

Girls Weekend

Girls Weekend


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