First quilt of sorts…

With all of the finishing touches of the living remodel almost to a completed status and a working like a maniac (somehow picked up a fourth job as adjunct math teacher for Minot State) I have had little time to myself for doing anything fun.  I started working on my first quilting project.  I started off with a small pattern.  I decided that charm packs are quite adorable with all the fabric choices and wanted to create a project which utilized them.  I found a charm pack at the local quilting store, Quilted Ceiling, and they had all kinds of pastels, browns, and teals.  This is the theme I kind of want to go for in my bedroom.  I decided to make a table runner, except I would be using it as a piece to go on top of my dresser.

This project took me quite awhile to make as I had to do quite a bit of cutting and small sewing.  I am the type of person that wants instant gratification!

Up Close

Up Close

Up close this pattern looks really fun and it really did come together nicely.  I did have a problem lining some of the white star points, but eventually, with some patience, it did come together.  I also had to do some trimming before adding on the back piece.

It ended up being about 34 inches long and 16 inches wide.  perfect enough to fit on top of my dresser.  Until we get our new bedroom set, which will be in about a week!!  I can’t wait, I have never had a matching bedroom set before.  This will be the first time since I lived at my parents house I will actually have a headboard and footboard, no more living the redneck life for me!  Which also means, remodeling of the bedroom!!  New Pain! New Floors!  New Windows!! Oh happy day!!

CAM00146I am so glad this pattern turned out, especially since it took me literally hours to complete!  I am not sure if I will venture to create a LARGER quilted piece, but this really was fun once I got to start to see the finished product.

Yesterday, I also was able to start cutting out the matching valances I am making for my living room windows.  More to come on that!


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