What a weekend!

This past weekend was full of adventure.  It all started on a Tuesday when I told my husband I wasn’t feeling quite right and by Thursday morning I was staying home from work and by Friday morning I was slammed with a virus in my lungs and strep throat…talk about being hit by a train!  While recovering on Saturday morning the husband thought that since I had some cough syrup with codeine I would be absolutely fine to rip up carpet in our living room and lay new hardwood floors.  Oh did this sound pleasing to me, or what!?  NOT!!  I said that I would only help as long as we had help, so he called his cousin and Scott was super excited about getting out of his own house to help us!  Keep in mind we now owe him our time to help him move in March 🙂

We ripped up the carpet and the icky gross first layer of the carpet and revealed what appeared to be the sub-floor or an old wooden floor, but it looked like many things had happened to floor as the sub-floor had many different types of wood, the wood was going in all kinds of directions, almost like a puzzle.


Here Joey is, caught in the action of vacuuming up the dirt/nails/etc of icky stuff left behind to start out fresh.  Also, keep in mind this was the first time I caught Joey vacuuming and it will probably be the last….

Here is Joey and Scott cutting out a piece to perfection for I believe a plug in that is on the floor, strange, I know!

4081301_nThe difference between the old floor and the new hardwood oak flooring, I just love it!

Zeus in all of his perfection hanging out in the kitchen where all the wood cutting was taking place.  He had to be available in case there was any leftover wood he could take with him for safe keeping.

The finished product!  We found these awesome matching decor rugs at Menards AND they were on sale!  The floor looks so much more modern with the freshly painted walls and the beautiful new wood insert.  The only thing left to finish is to complete the tiling around the fireplace insert and to finish nailing in place the round molding.

Another house project bites the dust!!




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