To Paris and Back

This past weekend was extremely busy with working 20 hours (10 Saturday and 10 on Sunday) and when you get up at 2:30 in the morning to go to said job, you are very tired when you get home.   BUT…my new fabric had arrived from and I really wanted to make new curtains for my bathroom.  I just couldn’t stand the ugly plain red that I had quickly purchased at Wal-Mart, but it lasted for the time being until I had found something I absolutely loved.

April in Paris is the fabric I found and I purchased one yard, which was what my estimate was in my head when I viewed the window. I then decided that I would just use the old red curtain as a pattern for my new one since I did like the length and all.  This worked out perfect, UNTIL, I discovered that mine wasn’t quite wide enough.  Oh well, we will have to improvise.  It turned out great, even though it wasn’t as wide as I would have liked it.


Entire window

Entire window

Since I completed the project in the evening and just couldn’t wait until the daylight and my camera isn’t the best the picture color is a little distorted.

But here is a closer look.

Close up

Close up

I even had enough left over to make something to put on the tank of my toilet.  To make that I just measured the length and width of the top and made a rectangular piece to coordinate.



The overall theme of my bathroom is Paris.  May be strange, but the bathroom is the place where I get all dolled up and frankly if my husband gets to turn our living room into a place with deer antlers and other manly things, I get to choose the bathroom.



I don’t have a lot of decor for the bathroom, but I think that over time, because I can be patient, I will find many things to add to this room.  This is above the toilet.  I also have a similar picture on the other open wall.





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