Valentine’s Pillow and such…

Well, I totally feel like the most terrible friend, EVER!!  You see, one of my best-friends since oh about 3rd grade sent me a Christmas present full of yummy German chocolate, from Germany and I, I sent her nothing in return.  We have NEVER exchanged gifts in our entire lives and the one year I am not prepared for the “just in case” she sends me something.  Ugggghh, sometimes I feel like I can’t win.  In any case I thought it would be just as awful to go out and buy something just to have a sent present to her, late.  How obvious would it be to have a present sent after the fact, just not my style.  So I decided I would make her a Valentine’s Day present!  Ya know that pillow I made for my cousin, Cami?  Well here is a duplicate, just some scraps chosen from a Valentine’s Day charm pack.

Pillow Front

Pillow Front

There is a slight difference between this pillow and the one I made for my cousin.  I used the exact same pattern for the trunk, but I wanted there to be more leaves so I changed the shape of the leaves to be pointy on both sides which ended up making them a little bit more skinny, which lead me to be able to add more.  Again, I satin stitched the leaves and it turned out even more amazing this second time around.



Finally, I still did a envelope style back just as before, except this time, I only created the backing to cover the stitching for the back of the front, if that makes sense.  I did not create a pretty backing for the envelope pieces which made this even more easy to sew and the finished product turned out even more amazing!  I am so glad I tried this again!




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