Infinity Scarf and stuff

It has been quite the year.  Only 8 days ago did I walk across the stage at MSUM earning my Master of Science degree in Education.  The first in my immediate family to obtain a Bachelor’s degree and now the first in my extended family to earn a Master’s degree has me thinking of how proud I am of myself.  My husband says that he only gives me a couple of years before he believes I will get the itch to go back and start my Doctorate degree.  Hmm…maybe we want to start a family first considering we have been together for over 8 years and only a few months ago did we get married.  I have put his baby obsession on the back burner for too long now…


Here it is, only 3 days after Christmas and am wishing for those Christmas memories back!  I work all year long shopping and finding the perfect present for each individual and am anxious to start sale shopping this weekend in preparation for next year; however, I feel that next year is going to be different.  My goal is to create ALL handmade gifts in some way or another…let the challenge begin.

To start off, I wanted to show what I had made my mom for Christmas.  An infinity scarf.  I found the pattern at Sew4Home website.  This pattern required the material use of Voile, which I had never used before.  After choosing the 2 yards of fabric from, I went to work.  The pattern was VERY easy to follow and it really didn’t take me much time at all.  The cutting is what took most of my time.  I don’t yet have a nice cutting mat or rotary scissors, so I rely on regular scissors and ruler, which takes quite a bit of time!

The final project turned out nicely.  The one thing I didn’t like too much while working with Voile is that it seemed to want to bunch up a lot while sewing so I had to choose a nice slow pace for stitching.  My mom, although unsure how to work the scarf, enjoyed it and will hopefully use it to dress up an outfit.  She said she liked the width so she could cover her hair with it if necessary…hmm

Finished Scarf

Finished Scarf

Up-Close Scarf

Up-Close Scarf

You can see in the up-close picture where the scarf kinda bunched; however, when you have the overall picture, you can’t notice it.  Any ideas on how to sew so it won’t bunch with this material?



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