I wish I could make all handmade gifts for Christmas; however, this year does not seem to be in the cards for doing so.  My mother-in-law loves to have a journal where she writes down all kinds of things so I found a free pattern on the Cottage Home website and went to town.  I found the fabric at the local fabric store here in town, Quilted Ceiling, and bought 5 semi-matching fat quarters.  I am usually good at picking out a few pieces of fabric that go together; however, I struggle with making multiple kinds work.  I have tried doing some research on picking matching fabrics, but I seem to fail.  Please let me know what you think.

After cutting out my pieces I realized that 5 fat quarters left me with quite a bit of fabric left over.  Almost enough to make another portfolio with, if I re-arranged the pieces.  This was the second time I had worked with interfacing and frankly, I am not a fan, it makes my project look stiff and un-put together, if that makes sense.  Anyways, when I went back at the end to iron one last time it like came through the fabric, I am not really pleased with the project, but will give it her as a gift anyways as I know she will like it no matter what it looks like.

Portfolio 2

Inside of portfolio

Front of Portfolio

Front of Portfolio

I also made a huge mistake by putting the button the wrong side…or putting the pockets on upside down…however you want to describe the error.

I definitely want to try this pattern again.  I might use different colors next time.  I also intend to instead of using the interfacing I will add batting and quit the front of the portfolio for stability instead.  I think once all the stuff is in on the inside it will be just as sturdy as using interfacing, just a wee bit more pleasant looking.

So, overall, kind of an epic fail for my first Xmas present, but am hoping this weekend will be better.  I am going to attempt to make an infinity scarf for my mom with voile.


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