Well everyone, I have finished my thesis!  It has yet to be graded and I have yet to defend my thesis, but I finished writing my thesis.  There is a reason why I enjoy math, its because I get to turn numbers into letters and not letters into phrases.  Writing, is NOT my strong suit and I get very overwhelmed and anxious about it, but I did it!

To celebrate, I decided to take my sewing machine out…it has been starring me down lately, begging to be used.  I have a co-worker at Holiday who is getting ready to have her baby late December, but I wanted to make her something cute.  I settled on wanting to make an outfit for her little girl; however, the only patterns I saw were for summer/spring outfits.  Well, since they go to the lake I found a super cute FREE pinafore top from Smashed Peas and Carrots and decided I could do this!  I made the size to fit 6 months to 12 months as that would be approximately the size needed by the time the little one reaches summer.  Found some super cute fabric through and away I went.  I also decided I should make a diaper cover, which was way more complicated than I had intended, but it worked, none the less.

Front of the pinafore

Front Close-Up, I decided to use just plain buttons as I have not traveled into the world of covered buttons, but I thought the red matched perfectly fine!

Back of pinafore.  I just love the cross over back.

Back close-up.  I just adore the choice in fabric I made.

Now, the diaper cover does look very cute and matches  very well with the rest; however, it was extremely difficult to sew the leg portion and although the tutorial I printed stated that one could easily whip these out, I believe that it lied, or perhaps I just need more patience.  With Christmas coming, I have lots of ideas and printouts, I hope my sewing machine is ready for them.

I do have to say that for my second time sewing a clothing piece, I was highly impressed with my straight and even lines when working around corners.


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