Now we do not have a whole lot of money and we are trying to save up to take a vacation to see my brother who is stationed in San Diego this summer, so instead of taking a long lavish honeymoon we decided to take a 150 mile trip north of St. Paul to Duluth to see the great Lake Superior.  The husband has never been to Duluth and although I have seen Duluth a few times it was many moons ago.

So, we headed north.  We were unsure of where we were going to stay, which is very unlike me.  I am the type who likes to know an exact, minute by minute, play by-play.  For this trip, I thought we would just head north and see where we end up.  Surprisingly, it was very relaxing.  As we headed up and around the corner, there was the very large Lake Superior and Joey yelling for me to slow down as he was afraid we were going to drive straight over the curve and into the water.  As we are creeping closer to downtown he realizes that there is a large bridge and begs with all his might for us to not go over the bridge.  There are no bridges in North Dakota, nor hills or large bodies of water to be afraid of….

We found our hotel, the Holiday Inn and Suites…not very clean for $140 a night!!

We decided to head north on London Road until we found the famous Glensheen Mansion.

Glensheen Mansion

Glensheen Mansion

We took the full tour to the third floor as well as the attic level and for a mansion built-in the ’30’s with a current monetary value of $30 million, this is pretty impressive!  It was very interesting to learn how the boys and girls were not allowed to sleep on the same floors and married women are not allowed to roam the floors without the assistance of their husband or butler.  Also interesting to know that Cogdon family was one of the richest families of the midwest of their time and that Mr. Cogdon didn’t move into their home until they were in their 50’s.  There is a scandal of murder, but of course they do not mention this on the tour.

Then we continued to head north on HWY 61 about 50 miles until we found Split Rock Lighthouse.

Split Rock Lighthouse

Split Rock Lighthouse

This lighthouse was built back around 1910 and was built just after a storm injured 29 ships in 1905 due to a storm.  There have been many ships which have been sunk near the lighthouse because of very rocky bottom of the lake as well as nasty storms which pass by.  Unfortunately due to modern technology the lighthouse has been out of use since the late 1960’s.



Joey and I

Joey and I taking a break walking down the 156 steps to the bottom of the 130 foot drop to the lake.

By the time we had visited Split Rock and drove all the way back to Duluth we decided we would call it a night and head for something to eat.  The next morning we visited the Great Lakes Aquarium.  There were many large tanks full of wildlife which you would typically find on Lake Superior, many of the fish that we actually fish for in our lakes around the area.  There was also a pair of otters and an eagle on display.  I found it interesting, Joey found it boring so off to the next site.  We went to the William A. Irvin boat.

William A. Irvin Boat

William A. Irvin Boat


The size of this boat is about 1/2 the size of the boats in current day which travel around the Great Lakes and to the ocean.  Much of the outgoing product that travels from through the Great Lakes is many of the farming grains as well as iron ore and other natural resources.  It takes approximately 7 days to sail from Lake Superior to the ocean.  This particular boat was in commission until around the 60’s.  It contained 24 crewman.  While touring one of the main facts that stood out to me was that the head chef was able to spend $10,000 at the time per month of food to feed the entire crew and guests.

Engine Room

Engine Room

Over all, even though we only had about 30 hours from the time we arrived in Duluth to the time we left, we had lots of fun!!  I hope to one day go back and take a lake tour boat for dinner.  Hopefully we can start making those plans soon.


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