Make-up is my best friend!

Another week, no school, still on “summer vacation” until my final 3 classes of my graduate degree!!  In the meantime, I found a very cute pattern from Sew4Home to create a make-up brush set organizer.   Now, why did I choose to make a brush-set organizer?  Ever since I was little it has been instilled in me that women just wear make-up.  My mother, an avid Mary Kay wearer and seller has insured a never ending supply of make-up, why not?  There I am every morning dutifully putting on 5 shades of color followed up with liner, mascara, blush and a hint of lip stick.  Although this sounds like a lot, it has also been instilled that there is a right and wrong way of wearing make-up.  It must appear that you aren’t wearing any.

Anyways….When I buy fabric, I seem to over-buy just a wee bit and have realized that I need to find some cute ideas that can use all this extra stuff up.  This particular pattern I was able to use a good chunk of it as well as practice more of my bias tape issue I have.  I started out by making my own bias tape so that it would match the pattern, EPIC FAIL!!!  Thank goodness I had extra bias tape left over from a different project which worked beautifully for this project.

Brush-Set Organizer

Brush-Set Organizer

All the fabric was purchased originally through JoAnn fabric as well as the bias tape.   There are 20 available slots for a brush set, I also included the mascara and eye liner as well.  Depending on the products which you would want to insert, you could easily make the pockets larger for your needs.  As a first timer, I followed the instructions perfectly.

Brush Organizer Roll

Brush Organizer Roll

All rolled-up this project could easily fit into my make-up case for weekend getaways or the upcoming wedding!!  However, since I rarely keep anything for myself, I think I will be giving this to my sister for a “thank you” for the bachelorette party she is throwing me in a couple of weekends!

New project coming:  My sister has all of my grandfather’s Marine uniforms from when he was in WWII and the Korean War.  She would like me to cut them up and make a quilt for her.  I am a little wary about this idea as they are nostalgic, but it is unique.  Any ideas?!




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