My Favorite Tank Top…ruined….

One of my favorite stores to shop is Old Navy.  On so many events I have been able to find the perfect outfit that fit like a dream.  Unfortunately, one of my favorite tank tops from Old Navy was destroyed from my dog who jumped on me and got black dirt all over it!  Though the wash did some justice to the markings, they were still evident.  On a mission, I went ot JoAnn fabric and found, what I thought, an extremely cute print.  Picked up about a yard and headed home.  When home, I decided to cut apart my old shirt to use as a pattern.  I added about an inch all around so that I could make appropriate seams.  I realized halfway through cutting that I had folded my material in half the wrong way and would not have enough material to cut the back side of the shirt…bummer!  Chalking it up to beginners mistake, I headed back to JoAnn fabric.  As my luck would have it, the pattern I had chosen was no longer available…again, bummer!  Chose a new fabric and started from scratch.

Floral Tank Top

Floral Tank Top

After putting all together and wrapping up the loose ends I was super excited to try on…it didn’t fit.  Another beginner mistake, it is important to perhaps choose the same fabric type as the original as the original must have been some kind of knit fabric that was stretchable, this pretty floral…was not!  It does fit perfectly in the bust area, just a wee bit tight in the tummy.  My sister is a smaller size that I and am hoping she a) likes it, and b) it will fit her.  All in all, a couple of valuable lessons were learned!!! 🙂


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